HP 2623 terminals?

From: Christian R. Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Tue Feb 22 16:28:51 2005


It should be a Z80 CPU. I have a couple of 2622Ds that are used only with
the HP250 computer (which I have in the collection). Only difference I
discovered between the "D" and 2622A is the firmware and the model
designation badge on the front of the bezel. Back in the late 80's when i
got my system I researched buying ROMs to make one of the terminals into
the standard RS-232 model, 2622A. There are two or three similar models
(2626?, your 2623A, and (mumble) ). Gotta look up my HP catalogs . . .

Anybody got service manuals online or in paper for this series of terminals?

Regards, Chris F.


Upon the date 08:52 21-02-05, Joe R. said something like:
> Does anyone have the specs for these terminals or know what CPU they use?
> Joe

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