Pro-Log STD-Bus Manuals

From: Steve Robertson <>
Date: Wed Feb 23 17:55:07 2005

> I'm sitting on a huge assortment of mostly brand-new, sealed STD-Bus
> boards, a mountain of manuals and 3 or 4 nice powered "cages" in neat
> little decorator boxes.
> Who would have a need for this? Do folks actually develop or maintain
> STD-Bus systems commercially, or is it a hobby thing?
> I'm leary of eBay and would prefer it go to someone who could really use
> it.
> Steve

Hey Steve,

There are several manufactures that sell new STD-BUS systems for monitor and control
applications. The bus is really simple so creating custom I/O devices and software
is much cheaper then using more "modern" busses. This makes them very attractive for
limited production runs so, yes, they still find their way into new applications.

They can be found in everything from environmental test chambers, to CNC machines,
to missle test systems.

There are two distinct categories of boards. There are the common boards that were
produced in mass quanities and there are the boards that were limited production .
It's pretty easy to find docs for the mass produced boards and I'll be glad to share
that information with anyone that wants to tinker with them. It's much more
difficult to find docs for the limited run boards!

I searched for years for HPIB cards and DOCs. Thanks Joe ;-)

Most of the "prolog" boards used the same address and I/O decoding scheme. They used
the same TTL devices and the same jumpers in the exactly the same board locations.
Makes it pretty simple to reverse engineer those boards.

I used to watch the auctions on ebay and noticed several buyers that always bidded
on the stuff. I'm not sure but, I'm guessing they have support contracts for STD
systems and grab all the boards they can get. The prices however don't reflect a
great demand. Most common boards will be in the $10 range.

If you want to see them go to a good home, I'll gladly find room.

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