KIM BUS -- coincidence?

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Wed Feb 23 18:57:20 2005

On Wed, 23 Feb 2005, John Lawson wrote:

> Fucking digital elitist!! Analog-shunning technocrat!!!
> If you weren't so busy turning your binary nose up at us lowly 'voltmeter
> is a *useful tool*' types, you be able to guess that all "that analog crap"
> is the cassette and TTY interface circuitry.
> Since it deals with (gasp!) audio signals, there are a few (shudder!)
> capacitors and resistors and diode - thingies in there.

Die! Die! Such insults! Die Die!

Calm down Johnnie boy, I am analog through and through. Digital
will pass, analog will always remain. TTL is only TTL on the

I wrote badly. I know the cassette thingy need capacimators. What
I meant by "bad layout" wasn't the analog stuff (though can see it
sounded like that) but (1) the big unused blank areas (2) the
lasyer-hopping switchyard dominating the middle of the board (3)
why isn't the cassette !ANAL-LOG! stuff over where the big cookies
are, so they wouldn't have to run all that damned copper, looks
like tree rings (4) where are all the Vcc bypass caps hugging the
chips? Huh? Still in the parts bin, that's where.

I know it was hand-taped. I've done blueline/redline tapeups
(wasn't good at it either). It's just that I think it's badly laid

(In 1976/7 I went with SWTPC instead of the KIM-1, I wanted I/O!)

> But not to worry! If it breaks, you can come out here to the Linear Slums
> and some one-eyed toothless RMS Geek will slink out with one of those
> "soldering irons" and get you back on the air, von Neumann!!!

> Then you'll get the (manual-typed) Invoice... he he he!!!

Complete with smudges, cut-throughs and whiteout, you analog BIGOT!!?

> Cheers
> Nick Tesla


                         I'm Sure.
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