Pro-Log STD-Bus Manuals

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 11:18:05 2005

 I have some STD-BUS stuff as well but haven't played with
it in a while. At a previous place I worked, I did
a number of embedded systems using these. Mostly Z80 without
any mass storage.
 I have three backplanes that have power and a number of
cards with processors. I even have some with V30 processors.
I have a couple of manuals some place but they are deep
the piles, someplace. Not all of it is ProLog.

>From: "Joe R." <>
> Steve Robertson is the only SERIOUS Std-Bus collector that I know of. I
>save all my STDbus finds for him. Unfortunately he's in the middle of a
>move to the boondocks and living in a log cabin with the critters and he
>doesn't even have internet or cell phone service yet. Personally I'd
>recommend saving the stuff for him since he seems to be the only interested
>in it and that actively works with the stuff. However it would be nice to
>get the manuals scanned and posted somewhere.
> Joe
>At 06:37 PM 2/22/05 -0500, Steven N. Hirsch wrote:
>>On Tue, 22 Feb 2005, Steve Robertson wrote:
>>> > Does anyone have a cache of Pro-Log STD-Bus manuals on-line (or off)?
>I use
>>> > STD-Bus for a variety of control apps, and I've come into a cache of
>>> > cards most of which I can't find much doco on.
>>I'm sitting on a huge assortment of mostly brand-new, sealed STD-Bus
>>boards, a mountain of manuals and 3 or 4 nice powered "cages" in neat
>>little decorator boxes.
>>Who would have a need for this? Do folks actually develop or maintain
>>STD-Bus systems commercially, or is it a hobby thing?
>>I'm leary of eBay and would prefer it go to someone who could really use
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