IBM mainframe goes for 99 cents

From: James Fogg <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 11:23:49 2005

> south (I know of Paul in Augusta, GA and Ed in Columbia, SC). Although we
> drive pickup trucks, talk slow, eat lots of pig cooked in a pit over hickory
> coals, our dogs lay on the porch and wag their tails, and we sleep with our
> shotgun nearby, we just don't have the urge to erect another building on our
> farms to house IBM mainframes.
> I'll let the 19 year old guy have the corner on that market for now. :-)

Rednecks are the same all over. Even in the frozen North Woods where I
live. Lots of people think its a Southern thang, but it ain't.

Though I do have a basement datacenter. And my dogs lie on the
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