More auction goodies: IBM convertible

From: Scott Stevens <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 18:24:20 2005

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 10:47:34 -0700
tom ponsford <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I picked up a IBM convertible (IBM's first laptop) at the UA auction,
> it came with a power supply, manual carrying case and spare
> unused-still in the box battery, but no software :-(. I think it was
> discussed here earlier, that the IBM pcbbs website is caput. Does
> anybody have any software to this machine, or pointers to a site?
> Also picked up a :
> VT100, exceleent working order, but does have a slight discoloration.
> ADM-22-- a more modern behive that uses the old IBM type keyboards.!
> A buttload, metric, of old 5150's. Most of them were in various states
> of disrepair, but for $2.00 I got to salvage several MFM drives .
> If anyone need 5150 parts, they are yours for the postage!

A PC Convertible has 720K diskettes (DSDD 3-1/2") and will boot regular
IBM PC-DOS on the A: drive. There was a special 'PC Convertible'
software diskette with some special applications, which I believe I
have, and can make an image copy of for you. Contact me privately.

My PC Convertable is one that I got in a nice hard-case with foam
lining, complete with everything (except no PC-DOS diskette, but I
already have that) for a dollar. It has the full 640K, which isn't that

I love that sort of auction (this was the liquidation of an old defunct
retail computer store), where a bunch of guys are milling around looking
for machines they can install Windows XP on, bidding against each other
for Pentium III boxes. I snagged two Kaypros (one is CP/M and had the
OS floppy in the drive, the other is now righteously running CP/M-86),
and three Compaq portables at that auction, all for under $20.

Oh! Can I have a 5150 motherboard?

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