Inside Mac CD-ROM

From: Scott Stevens <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 18:05:53 2005

On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 23:45:36 -0500
chris <> wrote:

> >> Are there any non-Mac tools that (1) can read this disk and (2)
> >view> the contents or do I have to dig out a SCSI CDROM and hook it
> >to my IIci?
> >
> >Rich, is there any way I can get a copy of this, like an .iso image?
> >I have the book, but no CD-ROM.
> Er, yeah, what he said (I can provide FTP space to upload the image so
> Cameron and I can both get it).
> -chris
> <>

It doesn't produce an 'ISO' image, but the Linux/NetBSD/misc-freenix CD
burning program 'XCDRoast' allows you to make image copies (which are
then perfectly usable when reburned onto raw blank CDR media) of
Macintosh and various other non-ISO9600 CDROM disks. I've used it to
'back up' (create image files which you then burn onto a DVD ROM) of
IRIX, AIX, and Macintosh format CDs.

If this is common knowlege, forgive me for posting it.

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