found 2 older model hand held computers Micro Flex PC1000+ and Corvallis MicroTech MC-V

From: McFadden, Mike <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 16:29:18 2005

Micro Flex PC1000+ from Dap technologies looks like from 1987
Corvallis MicroTech MC-V with label saying 8088 CMOS system
Both are the size of large bricks and weight about the same, they have
nylon cases with Velcro closures.
One has a 15 pin connector that connects to the power wart. The other
has two 9 pin serial connections.
I ended up with a pair of each of them.
May have been used by the local water department to record data.
There was a PC Kermit disk with one of them.
Companies still seem to exist, no information about these exact models
except that they were produced by them.
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