origins of IBM 3740 diskette format

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Thu Feb 24 22:50:31 2005

>> Hey, that suggests a fun topic: oddball sector sizes.

>> "Normal" sector sizes would include the obvious 512 bytes, and also
>> 128 bytes for floppies.
> 256 is also very typical.

I have a SCSI floppy drive - itself an oddity, in my experience - that
has 256-byte sectors. I keep it not so much because I want a SCSI
floppy per se as because it's the only SCSI device I have with
<512-byte sectors. (My OS of choice does not play very nice with SCSI
devices of other than 512-byte sectors, CD drives excepted. I have
hopes of someday fixing this. I also have a disk - a big, 5?"
full-height drive of, I think, about 1G - that has 1024-byte sectors,
which I keep as an example of a device with >512-byte sectors.)

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