Top Posting, was Re: ASR33 $1000+ And Counting...

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Thu Feb 24 22:58:01 2005

> Okay, as a proponent of top-posting, I would propose the following
> reasons FOR top posting:

> 1) Since almost everyone on this (and other lists I've been on) have
> an aversion to changing the subject line to reflect a new topic ...
> including the message I am replying to :), top posting gives the
> reader a *quick* way to see if they are interested in the new,
> totally wrong subject hearder, topic.

This is an argument for putting text that's relevant to the actyual
subject near the beginning. It does not have to be new text - as, for
example, this message, whose first two lines are a quote but which make
it clear to someone looking at it cold what the subject is.

> 2) Since there are a number of people who have an aversion to
> clipping off the "irrelevant to the topic" garbage (unlike the
> message I am replying to), it makes it MUCH easier to read without
> having to scroll through the entire message.

This is a slightly unfair comparison, in that you're comparing a
top-posted reply to a lazily done inline reply, rather than a properly
done inline reply. Laziness does not become okay just because it's
slightly less obnoxious than a different form of laziness.

> 3) Since there are still people who like to post "one liners" in the
> middle or end of a long quoted message, it makes it MUCH easier to
> find that comment.

This is basically the same as your (2), and my response applies.

> For myself, I consider it a workaround to bad posting habits :).

Workaround for?! I consider it an *example of* bad posting habits!
See my other message on the subject - it comes across as arrogant
and/or lazy, each of which I consider rude.

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