Top-posting shenanigans (was: Re: ASR33 $1000+ And Counting...)

From: Computer Collector Newsletter <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 23:08:52 2005

Hey, now we're having fun. :)

Once again I find myself saying this -- to all the sane people on this list
(and even you, Jay :) -- wouldn't we all rather be discussing something else?

Anyway, now I'm really confused.

Jay: in your original reply to my "what the heck is this?" message tonight, you
told me not to worry about it, and so I said don't worry, I'm not.

Then after a bunch of unnecessary emails between me and others, you said
top-posting is lazy, inconsiderate, rude, and apparently a step away from being
banned entirely. (Granted, you were probably and rightfully ticked off about
the time, thinking "I killed myself to fix the servers for THIS!?")

Considering that I've never heard a single word about this in my approximately
two years on the list (and two decades using newsgroups), and that I've never
even heard the term "top-posting" at all in whole life (and I ain't exactly a
low-end casual user!) -- just as you, Jay, said you handn't either, and you're
even more technical than I; heck, you're the moderator -- you can surely
understand what I find this whole thing quite baffling and more than a little
bit comical.

(Nor am I by any means declaring my online experience to hold a candle to some
other list members'. Just saying this: doesn't it seem odd that in all this
time, the topic hasn't come up? Just a little, folks??)

Just when I thought the mainstream world is starting to realize that "computer
nerd" can actually be a label that's hip, not just indicative of one's
outcastness, it turns out there's a holy war about the proper way (and
insistence that all other ways are lazy, inconsiderate, and rude) to reply to a
damn email? Geez, people, get out more. Honestly. Who gives a crap,
seemingly out of the blue tonight, how people format their email???? And why
does everyone only care to debate this Johnny-come-lately passion once someone
else starts? What a freaking waste of energy.

(And while I'm ranting: sure I understand that computerdom has a unique
language, which I'm highly fluent at, but are Microsoft products so offensive
that we have to interrupt reader's flow of reading an ordinary sentence just so
their brains can process "Lookout" for "Outlook"? Think about it; our buggest
enemy in -- gasp -- real is Mr. Osama bin Laden, yet we manage to speak his
name without feeling the need to contort it. But I suppose you bottom-poster
militants would insist that bin Laden's not the threat that Bill Gates is?)

I could go on, but this is just so damn stupid.

--- Jay West <> wrote:

> <ListOwnerMode Off>
> Personally, I think top-posting is lazy, and not quite, but almost
> inconsiderate.
> But then, I am guilty of it occasionally.
> </ListOwnerMode ON>
> Jay

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