Imlac PDS-1D Simulator progress

From: Jay West <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 00:19:58 2005

Sellam wrote...
> Well, if you want to be weird about it.
So, unless you want to standardize on one piece of software, you're wierd?
Guess I should pitch all my software that isn't windows based. Same thought

> But I was mainly concerned that there's a lot of unnecessary duplicated
> effort.
So whenever we write any code, we should write it to run under windows. So
we don't duplicate effort. Hummm.

> And for fuck's sake, Bob Supnik is no Bill Gates!!
I said absolutely no such thing!

I personally think that having a variety of software choices is a DAMN good
thing. Not just for emulators, but word processors, spreadsheet programs,
and operating systems. Just because you don't want to have just one, doesn't
mean that one is "bad". Diversity is a good thing.

Jay West
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