Top-posting shenanigans (was: Re: ASR33 $1000+ And Counting...)

From: Computer Collector Newsletter <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 00:22:12 2005

I really don't remember this discussion in the past, but maybe if you finally
get that search feature working... :)

--- Jay West <> wrote:

> Evan wrote...
> > Jay: in your original reply to my "what the heck is this?" message
> > tonight, you
> > told me not to worry about it, and so I said don't worry, I'm not.
> Actually, when I said don't worry about it I was referring to not knowing
> about it, not doing it :)
> >.... and apparently a step away from being
> > banned entirely.
> I said absolutely no such thing. To even make SURE it wasn't taken that way,
> I used "HTML" tags
> > (Granted, you were probably and rightfully ticked off about
> > the time, thinking "I killed myself to fix the servers for THIS!?")
> The server is far from fixed. But it is progressing, in and around moving a
> datacenter and taking care of WorkStuff(tm). When I start rebuilding the
> HTML archives from the raw mailbox files and htdigging them for searching,
> I'm going to be extremely glad it's a P4 in there with mirrored drives.
> > Considering that I've never heard a single word about this in my
> > approximately
> > two years on the list (and two decades using newsgroups), and that I've
> > never
> > even heard the term "top-posting" at all in whole life
> Well, actually, you probably HAVE heard about top posting before if you read
> the list, because the way I found out about it was when several people
> chided a few list members for it publicly on the list. This happened (at
> least when I noticed it) about a year ago, and again more recently I
> believe. I blatantly asked on the list "Ok, just what *IS* top-posting" and
> received my education. At first I could see their point but it seemed a
> little silly. But I did some research on it and some thinking, and I've come
> around to agree. However, before you go off the deep end, please see the 2nd
> paragraph above.
> > (Nor am I by any means declaring my online experience to hold a candle to
> > some
> > other list members'. Just saying this: doesn't it seem odd that in all
> > this
> > time, the topic hasn't come up? Just a little, folks??)
> It has come up, several times, but it's never turned into a big discussion.
> I'm rather glad it finally did, but please review paragraph 2 above ;)
> > outcastness, it turns out there's a holy war about the proper way
> So how do you decide what common areas of netiquette to internalize and
> which ones to throw out? And statistically it's unlikely all will agree with
> the same choices. Just as you are perfectly free to say it's silly, some of
> us are perfectly free to say it's somewhat inkling of rudeness. It's called
> freedom of the press & speech ;)
> > damn email? Geez, people, get out more. Honestly. Who gives a crap,
> It's very simple really. You don't have to give a crap about how other
> people may view a post. But it's mind-expanding to at least give some
> tolerance and understanding as to how others may view it. If you don't think
> I'm being tolerant in expressing my view on it, please see paragraph 2
> above.
> > enemy in -- gasp -- real is Mr. Osama bin Laden, yet we manage to speak
> > his
> > name without feeling the need to contort it. But I suppose you
> > bottom-poster
> > militants would insist that bin Laden's not the threat that Bill Gates
> > is?)
> Did you not voice the opinion that this discussion was silly? Based on the
> above paragraph, I must now agree.
> Regards,
> Jay West

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