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From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 15:23:37 2005 wrote:

>> This makes perfect sense to me. It may well be gobbledygook to
>>everyone else.
> And is the only way to handle documents WHERE YOU NEED TO KEEP THE CONTEXT. Many (most?) of the posts really do not need context fom the previous (if you are a daily or more often reader). 50 responses to a post within a day, do not need any reference to the original message ....

<ASCII Nazi>
   Your line wraps are broken.

   I'll grant that the all-too-common flamewar doesn't really need to
preserve context, but *everything else* does.

   Remember that this list is archived and Googleable. In many cases,
posts to this list are the ONLY accessible online reference for hardware
or software questions. Even for list members, being able to search and
read that information _with_context_preserved_ keeps down the incidence
of the same questions and answers coming up over and over.

   Note the various methods of all-ASCII emphasis. :)

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