Top Posting, was Re: ASR33 $1000+ And Counting...

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 17:02:01 2005

>>> Remember that this list is archived and Googleable. In
>>> many cases, posts to this list are the ONLY accessible
>>> online reference for hardware or software questions. Even
>>> for list members, being able to search and read that
>>> information _with_context_preserved_ keeps down the
>>> incidence of the same questions and answers coming up over and over.

Now that is the best reason I have heard so far, but it is easy to go one
better. [apologies to Jay for even suggesting] Switch from a mail list to a
proper forum that supports contextual discussions. Absolutely no duplication
of content to retain context, complete support for diagrams (e.g.
schematics) or pictures directly in any message. The ability to link between
current and previous messages, rich content formats, and the list just goes
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