More New Toys!

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 16:47:30 2005

   I just got back with more toys. I picked up three more Intel computers.
These are Intel 384 chassis. The one that I've looked at has an Intel iSBC
254 Bubble Memory card, an 86/30 CPU card with a memory daughterboard and
three 86/45 CPU/IO boards. One 86/45 card has a Linear Systems clock card
on it.

  I also found another Applied MicroSystems microprocessor Diagnostic
Emulator unit. These one is an EMM-188 for the 8080 and 8085 CPUs. I also
got an EMM-188 pod with it for testing 8080 circuits. It appears to be in
new condition, there's just one problem, it's wired for 220VAC 50Hz! I also
got the original fitted case for it but it has a problem too. The interior
was made of that foam that likes to turn to goo after a while! It took a
bit to get everything cleaned up! Anybody know what it takes to convert one
of these back to 110 volts or do I just swap the xformer out of one of the
podless ones that I have?

  Also found several keyboard cards that had been stripped out of
something. The nice thing about them is that they use the low profile keys
and switchs like those used on the Intel SBCs and other early SBC. They're
marked 0 thru 9, Ent, Clr, Freq and Chan. Ok, so only 12 out of the 14 are
usefull. I can live with that! They're definitely worth keeping around for
spares. Also found a couple of other cards from the same device. These had
3 each purple and gold 6820s and 6821s. Nice spares for SWTPCs!

  Also found some SUN cards that I've already posted messages about.

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