Top-posting shenanigans (was: Re: ASR33 $1000+ And Counting...)

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 19:33:49 2005

>>> David:
>>>> Getting a paragraph to format with an indicator on the
>>>> left AND wrap
>>>> to th readers window size is (AFIK) impossible using plain text
>>>> [granted Outlook does a worsejob even with non-paragraph
>>>> wrapping.]

Tom Jennings Replies:
>>> (BTW, your paragraphs, aren't. It's one huge long line.)

Depends on what you mean by "proper paragraph wrapping". I expect a
paragraph of text to extend from the left margin of my screen (window) to
the right margin. If I am on my 23" hi-res monitor this means the this line
will wrap in a few more words [giberish more more more ok, *this* is the
first word on the second line.

If I read the same test on my preview [secondary monitor has mail, and 7
different messanger serives tiled across a 17" on a 17" display. Then the
word "expect" is the first word of the second line. Perfect.

Hard returns within a paragraph are so much worse. On my large monitor most
list messages only cover the left 20%-25% of my screen. On my preview, they
are incomprehensible [see ] for what your
"properly wrapped" text looks like.

As I said before, getting a message to display with indicators on the left
edge and have the message use the entire available width is not possible.
Having original text and latest text in two different visual renderings
WOULD work nicely for both.
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