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From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Fri Feb 25 19:03:25 2005

> > a) Pretty fonts?
> > What does that improve for email?
> Readability, Emphasis, Organization [imagine reading a newspaper or magazine is EVERYTHING was 10pt Courier....

Doesn't do anything for me (text-only, single-font display)

> > b) Text in colors?
> > What does that improve for email?
> Emphasis again.

If you can get any colour other than green (and black, I guess) out of an
unmodified IBM 5151 monitor, I will eat a classic computer!

You know, I must have read hundreds, if not thousands of books in my
lifetime. Most of them use essentially one font and are printed with
only black ink on white paper. I never had any problem getting useful
information from such books

Conversely I've got serveral 'documents' which seem to be printed in more
fonts than they contain words, and use every colour the printer is
capable of producing. If they weren't printed on glossy paper, I'd use
them to line the cat litter box. As it is, they have no use at all.

If you can't express yourself without using multiple fonts and colours, I
suggest you learn to use a human language correctly!

> > c) pictures?
> > You get that now via attachments...
> > but pictures on mailing lists is bad mojo no matter what.
> Most list List do not support attachments....

And ome of us have neither the bandwidth to download pictures or a means
of displaying them.

> > d) Tables?
> > You can do that now with tabs.
> You want to try to align a significant table?

I've never had any problems...

> >
> > What is actually *gained* thanks to the extra bandwidth used?
> > [[ And yes, I see *you* have broadband, but at home, I don't yet
> > have it (and I *OWN* an ISP!!!) and I've asserted many times --
> > It's not your or my bandwidth I'm concerned with -- it's Jay's!
> Jays bandwidth issues I can readily agree with. Within the US [and I
> am well aware that this is an international list], the number of places
> where broadband is not available at a fairly reasonable price is
> becoming almost insignificant.

I think my poor old machine would get seriously interrupt-bound if given
a broadband connection...

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