From: Alistair MacDonald <>
Date: Sat Feb 26 12:54:36 2005

On Sat, Feb 26, 2005 at 10:29:24AM -0800, O. Sharp wrote:
> ...What do you suppose demand for our older machines will be like after
> we're gone? I can't help but think a lot of ours are being preserved
> because they're nostalgic to us, "the machines we grew up on"; and a
> generation from now, the interest is going to be on machines _that_
> generation grew up on.

As a 32yr old whose oldest machine is approximately 30 I can state that my
collection isn't completely based on nostalgia. I didn't use some of the
machines that I collect when they were in day-to-day use because I just
wasn't exposed to them (or was too young ... 8-) It was triggered, not so
much by nostalgia, as by the desire to finally get something that I couldn't
afford when I was younger. The hunt for a Sinclair QL took me to a few odd
places before I finally got the QL. Happily (or not) the quest didn't end
there either. The Sinclairs do occupy a special place though, as the spectrum
was my first day-to-day machine, back in '83. (Well, I'm ignoring the BBC B's
that I used to wheel around the school on a daily basis, since I didn't get
much time to play with those)

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