From: O. Sharp <>
Date: Sat Feb 26 12:29:24 2005

Nico de Jong wrote, in part:

> It could be interesting to know the age"spread" of thist list contributors,
> and how long we've had the computer virus under our skin.

I'm 44, born 1960, and first got the "bug" with a PDP-8/I they had in high
school. Happily, a year or so after I graduated they made the switch to
micros and I was able to get that selfsame 8/I, documentation, paper
tapes, service log and all. I'm still hopeful of finding a -12 to
supplement it. :)

...What do you suppose demand for our older machines will be like after
we're gone? I can't help but think a lot of ours are being preserved
because they're nostalgic to us, "the machines we grew up on"; and a
generation from now, the interest is going to be on machines _that_
generation grew up on. (_That's_ scary. Think that owning Windoze ME
might eventually be thought of as exciting. <g>) When we start kicking
our respective buckets, who will collect our estates' old iron? And how
much dedication, garage space and repair knowledge will _they_ have, I

...Oh, I see. Sorry! Somebody left this flag active. :)

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