Age and Computing History

From: Max <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 13:55:28 2005


Well born in 1963. I had always been interested in electronics and
such. My first computer experiences were in high school. The school had a
TRS80 Model 1 and
accounts on the university's PDP11/45. I had bought a CoCo 1 with
4K! This was in my senior year. I go to the same university. It was
Western Kentucky University (WKU). They still used the PDP11/45 with
RSTE. Additionally, they had access to UK's IBM 360 via a smaller PDP11
with a card reader.

So I got started with card readers and terninals. We ran a pirate exchange
with the microcomputer lab etc. Fun times. I ended up buying the
PDP11/45. Unfortunately a unplnanned move ocurred and I could not find
anyone to take it. So sadly it went to the scrappers. This was before the
Internet. I did keep the console panel.

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