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From: Dave Brown <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 14:01:48 2005

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> I understand all that but AC power is cheap and so is a fan to
> dissapate
> the excess heat. It's surprising to see a company spent money for
> features
> like this unless there is a very real requirement for them. Even HP
> doesn't
> go to this length with their power supplies.

CVTs (resonant xfmrs) have the big advantage that they significantly
reduce lots of noise and transients and such nasties that would
otherwise cause havoc on a logic supply rail. They also provide a
pre-regulating function to reduce the voltage range the following DC
regulator has to handle.
I think pre-regulators used to be fairly common in higher power
regulated DC supplies- always thought it was due to limitations in the
semiconductors available at the time. Saturable reactors on the
primary side were often used - SCR based secondary side stuff came a
bit later.

 DaveB, NZ

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