DG Nova 4/x software hacking

From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Sun Feb 27 14:16:11 2005

On Sun, 27 Feb 2005, George & Oksana Wiegand wrote:

> You have to be careful if you want to delete a LINK, you must use the UNLINK
> command otherwise the syetem will delete the target rather than the link
> itself.

I know about unlink, but I didn't know that about delete! Yow! I
guess I should chattr everything P.

I'll rewrite my LINKSV.MC to use a list of -.SVs, and (UNLINK,
LINK arg/2) to avoid problems.

One gotcha I remember this from the past is the variable syntax:

COMMAND source dest
COMMAND dest source

depending on the command! (MOVE vs. XFER, etc)

I found NSYSGEN on one of the scroungy tapes, and made a custom
system, and have 45KW of memory available, so not fortran5 and
fortran4 both run.

I'm getting the hang of RDOS again. It's often like a drawer full
of scalpels when all you need is a butter knife :-)

(for non-RDOS users)

INIT DP0F "mounts" fixed disk platter
INIT/F DP0F "formats" fixed disk platter!

It's pretty nice though. My big fat RDOS gen with all the buffers
and stacks, forground/background, mapped memory support consumes

Time to get the other console up!

(Not a power plant, W=word, B=byte. Power-wise, it consumes about
1.2 of those kind of KWs.)
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