Good news, bad news....

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 16:41:25 2005

The good news:

I found my Tandy 200 and repaired it. (All it needed was a new internal
NiCd battery, but by the time I found the battery, my wife lost the
computer! :-O ) Upgraded it to 72K RAM as well, so I'm really stylin' --
ready to rock with it.

It's 20 years old this month!

More good news: I found my 200 packed under my STacy 2, which I need to
repair. It's got a boatload of dodgy solder joints in it... and now that I
finally have a very good soldering station, I can work on repairing that as

I can repair it... but sadly, I cannot *reassemble* it as the baggie with
all the screws for it (mostly case screws, but some board screws as well)
was *not* packed with it; and so their location is still unknown.

Anyone know the size/thread pitch of the screws in a STacy?

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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