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Date: Sun Feb 27 16:44:14 2005

Free to good home:

HP MDP module, P/N 5062-3054 - Can't test it since I don't have a 9000/K type
Dell Pentium cache module (big DIMM type card)

Also, I have a friend who has a HP 9000 Series 800 H50 server box (it's
been unracked, but fits nicely under the desk (he gave me the one from another
rack- runs HP/UX 11i just fine)
Somewhere between 512 and 768 MB RAM, single 96 MHz processor, several HP-PB
it's sitting in my garage, and he's given me permission to see if anyone
wants it. He does audio recording, so if anyone has something to trade for it in
that field that would be good, or we could do a 3-way trade (I'm interested in
classic computers, I can get him what he needs, we're all happy...)
Heavy beast (~70 lbs) so pickup would be easier than shipping, but shipping
could be arranged. If no-one wants to trade, I'd try to talk him into giving it
away. I'd rather it get used than sit in a garage.
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