From: John Rollins <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 16:45:27 2005

> It could be interesting to know the age"spread" of thist list
> contributors, and how long we've had the computer virus under
> our skin.

Hmm. I'm currently 24, and the computers started as a tot when my
parents bought a TI-99/4A - they say all I did was drool and pound on
the keyboard :-) In the 90's we bought a Mac IIvx for homeschooling
purposes(and still have piles of Broderbund disks around
somewhere...). My collection grew pretty fast several years ago(some of
that from here on the list), and has dropped back down now.
Perhaps my mind is going, but I could have sworn I had unsubscribed
from the list about a year ago, and now it's back. Maybe I did indeed
send in an email to re-subscribe, but I REALLY don't remember. All I
know is that the messages came back suddenly... Well, at least it's
back to digest mode(I hope). I get too much email anyhow.
I am currently a long haul truck driver, I am typing this message in
Laredo, Texas. Ugh, too warm, even in the winter, but I suppose it's
better than the below-freezing temps I had to put up with lately.
Sadly, there is not much room in a 70" Freightliner sleeper cab for
computers, so only my most recent computer, an iBook G4, keeps me
company. Hmm... Perhaps I can grab an empty Mac 128k chassis to use as
a hood ornament next time I'm home...
Well, it's nice to be back on the list anyhow. Back to lurking...

John Rollins | KD7BCY |
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