lk201 question

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 11:37:25 +0000

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Handy <> writes:

 Kevin> Mike wrote:
>> I just picked up a lk201 keyboard today that wouldn't work with a
>> vt320
>> Unlike my other lk201's this one has blue strip across the top, an
>> orange pf1 key, f20 is labeled Hyph Push
>> PN: LK201BA
>> One site selling them says it is a word processing keyboard.
 Kevin> There were several word processing keyboards, depending on
 Kevin> which software you were using. DecWord, WordPerfect,
 Kevin> All-In-One, etc.

I doubt that DEC ever made keyboards for WordPerfect. And I haven't
heard of All-In-One keyboards either. The keyboard Mike mentioned is
a DECword keyboard.

 Kevin> Check the keyboard-terminal cable. Check for stuck keys.

One possibility: you could make an adapter to plug it into a UART
port, then write a test program to see what's wrong with it. The
protocol is simple (4800 baud 8 bit messages) and well documented in
the Pro 300 series technical manual.

Then again, if it's a stuck key or something like that, the keyboard
is beyond repair. LK201 keyboards are cheesy low quality membrane
switches that cannot be disassembled or cleaned or repaired. If
moisture ever gets in them, your only option is to scrap the board. I
found this out the hard way.

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