lk201 question

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 14:14:45 +0000

Paul Koning wrote:

> Kevin> There were several word processing keyboards, depending on
> Kevin> which software you were using. DecWord, WordPerfect,
> Kevin> All-In-One, etc.
>I doubt that DEC ever made keyboards for WordPerfect. And I haven't
>heard of All-In-One keyboards either. The keyboard Mike mentioned is
>a DECword keyboard.
WordPerfect used to make them. I can't remember if it
was complete keyboards, or just replacement keycaps.
I also don't know of anyone who bought one.

> Kevin> Check the keyboard-terminal cable. Check for stuck keys.
>One possibility: you could make an adapter to plug it into a UART
>port, then write a test program to see what's wrong with it. The
>protocol is simple (4800 baud 8 bit messages) and well documented in
>the Pro 300 series technical manual.
>Then again, if it's a stuck key or something like that, the keyboard
>is beyond repair. LK201 keyboards are cheesy low quality membrane
>switches that cannot be disassembled or cleaned or repaired. If
>moisture ever gets in them, your only option is to scrap the board. I
>found this out the hard way.
It's usually easier to just find a new one. I only tried to repair
one when I was desperate for a working one, having used up
whatever good spares I had. At that it just was swapping to
get a good keyboard/logic board combo.

Most of the keyboards I looked at had been built using the
"melted-plastic-post" method to hold it together, iirc.
Nearly impossible to take apart and expect to be able
to put back together. Not worth the effort.

> paul
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