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From: Michael Holley <swtpc6800_at_comcast.net>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 20:28:03 +0000

Many years ago when a EGA monitors were new, we had a
Professional photographer take product shots of our DOS
base software. He set up the PC in a room where he could
turn off the lights, He took 3 second exposures of the
screen then fired a strobe to get the computer case.

I have found the long exposures give good results.
You need a tripod.

Simple point and shoot digital cameras don't allow for
an external strobe. I have used two methods to get around
this. Turn down the lights (turn off the flash) and
take a picture of the screen. Use a normal or dim
brightness setting on the montior. Turn up the lights
(or tun on the flash) and take a second picture of
the complete system. Use a photo editing package to
 merge the two images.


I have also adjusted the lighting to low level and taken a single shot.


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Michael Holley
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