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Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 20:28:28 +0000

Rumor has it that der Mouse may have mentioned these words:

>After all, long exposure makes the picture more exposed (as compared to
>a shorter exposure, other things constant); slow film makes the picture
>less exposed (as compared to a faster film, other things constant). So
>you long exposure plus slow film adds up to wanting the "normal"
>lighting conditions. And that kind of lighting is what you want for a
>digital camera anyway.

Unless, of course, you actually have a decent digital camera... ;-)


It's a big picture - 3028x2002 pixels (native resolution of my Nikon D70) -
1.2Meg of storage used -- it's a 30-second exposure of downtown Grand
Rapids, Michigan about 8:07 PM local time (2008 hrs) through smoked glass
using a little hand-held tripod.

And yes, it has an iris, shutter (speeds from 30sec -> 1/8000 sec) takes
most Nikon lenses made in the last 15ish years...

The last camera I'll buy for a long, long time... ;-)

[[ Tony's gonna bitch at me at this one, but I finally have a digital
camera that takes pictures as nice as my Canon 35mm film camera. So it got
sold on ePay. Megapixel, schmegapixel - I looked at the last 4-5 rolls of
film I took with that camera, and I printed several pictures on my Kodak
dyesub from my new one - to my eye, they are equally aesthetic - therefore
I'm happy. Oh, and the last roll of 800-speed film I ran through that
camera didn't look as nice as some ISO800-setting pix off of my Nikon. Bad
film processing? Maybe, but now I don't have to worry about that anymore,
eh? ;-) ]]

I have a couple of other pictures in that directory y'all are welcome to
look at... One of which is my wife. The one holding the microphone is *not*
my wife... :'-(( However, considering the circumstances that picture was
taken in, my old Canon would've never had a chance with that one, either... ;-)


Back on topic - if you just happen to have one of the Apple // LCD panels,
or if you hack up a NTSC->VGA converter (like I was considering for my
CoCos) -- or what I wanna do - run the CoCo's output to a capture card and
display the output on my PC to save space on my desk monitorwise, be very
careful with "polaroid" (a.k.a. polarizing) filters. LCDs use polarized
glass, and two opposing polarizing filters can do strange things... ;-)


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