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Date: Mon Jan 3 07:09:57 2005

On Sun, 02 Jan 2005 16:09:44 -0700, woodelf <> wrote:
> Tom Jennings wrote:
> >I use: warm, soapy water and a soft clean paintbrush. Rinse it
> >with lots of water, shake it off, let dry for a day or two. No
> >big deal
> >This is an old thread, there are many other suggestions,
> >all good, including kitchen dishwashers, though that seems
> >a bit overkill for "normal" PCB dirt, cigarette smoke, dust,
> >etc. Unless you have a lot of Data General 15"x15" boards to do,
> >then it's the only sensible solution :-)
> However chorinated water can wreck havoc on electrolytic capacitors.
> Also in my aparnment I have room for a dishwater or a vintage computer...
> Give me a moment to think here... :)

I've mentioned this before on the list, but it bears repeating for
those who might not have seen it first time round:

Servisol "Foaming Cleanser" is the best thing I've seen for cleaning
electronics - it's most often used on the outside of cases, but it
certainly doesn't do the innards any harm IME (and a chap I know who
runs a test/measurement dealership uses a LOT of this stuff - he buys
it by the case on a regular basis).

I'd be wary of it possibly taking delicate screen print off PCBs
(check first on a piece of text you can afford to lose) but not about
much else.

Here is a link to the product for sale:

and here is the manufacturer's own page about it:

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