Cleaning motherboards...

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Jan 3 08:16:48 2005

On Mon, 2005-01-03 at 13:09 +0000, wrote:
> Servisol "Foaming Cleanser" is the best thing I've seen for cleaning
> electronics - it's most often used on the outside of cases, but it
> certainly doesn't do the innards any harm IME (and a chap I know who
> runs a test/measurement dealership uses a LOT of this stuff - he buys
> it by the case on a regular basis).
> I'd be wary of it possibly taking delicate screen print off PCBs
> (check first on a piece of text you can afford to lose) but not about
> much else.

Watch out for any ceramic ICs. It doesn't take much at all for the black
lettering to come off the gold portions!
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