From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Mon Jan 3 13:21:40 2005

intrsvr, and intrlnk, or some similar looking name. It will work over a
serial port or a parallel port. I always used the parallel port.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

chris wrote:

>> Anybody have a stupid DOS trick for importing binary files
>> over a com: port?
> MS DOS came with a program to do that. I dont' recall the exact name, but
> it was something about a server (check the DOS directory it will probably
> spring out at you). You had to setup one side as a server and one as a
> client. I don't recall if you had to do it at boot time or not (I had
> boot disks setup for it, so I always did it at boot, but that might have
> just been the way I set it up).
> I used to use it over parallel, but I'm pretty sure it worked over serial
> as well (I think I did parallel simply because it was faster).

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