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> chris wrote:
> >> Anybody have a stupid DOS trick for importing binary files
> >> over a com: port?
> >
> >
> > MS DOS came with a program to do that. I dont' recall the exact name, but
> > it was something about a server (check the DOS directory it will probably
> > spring out at you). You had to setup one side as a server and one as a
> > client. I don't recall if you had to do it at boot time or not (I had
> > boot disks setup for it, so I always did it at boot, but that might have
> > just been the way I set it up).
> >
> > I used to use it over parallel, but I'm pretty sure it worked over serial
> > as well (I think I did parallel simply because it was faster).

On Mon, 3 Jan 2005, Chad Fernandez wrote:

> intrsvr, and intrlnk, or some similar looking name. It will work over a
> serial port or a parallel port. I always used the parallel port.
> Chad Fernandez
> Michigan, USA

This assumes John is running DOS 6.0 or higher. I can't remember if
Interlink was available on DOS 5.0.

To set it up, you run INTERSVR.EXE on the "host" machine. The program
will take over the machine while running and you can't do anything with it
until you exit INTERSVR.

On the "client" machine, you must add a DEVICE entry for INTERLNK.EXE in
the CONFIG.SYS file. Make your serial or parallel port connections
between the two computers and then once the "client" is rebooted, it'll
map whatever drives it finds on the "host" to local drive letters. You
then copy to your heart's content. It works terrifically.

There also seems to be a way to bootstrap a machine that doesn't have the
INTERLNK program. There's a /RCOPY option.

Anyway, if you've got DOS 6.0 or higher then just issue a 'help' command
on either INTERLNK or INTERSVR. Be sure to read all the notes and
examples and also check the table of contents as there are three entries
for the program suite (INTERLNK.EXE, Interlnk and Intersvr).

Good luck!

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