Quadlink by Quadram - put an Apple II in you PC

From: Kelly Leavitt <CCTalk_at_catcorner.org>
Date: Sun Jan 9 13:51:06 2005

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> From: Kelly Leavitt [mailto:CCTalk_at_catcorner.org]
> OK, this came to me by a rather circuitous route, but I now
> have a new in
> the box Quadlink by Quadram. It includes all the cables, software, and
> documentation (the warranty card is still there).
> This card is essentially and Apple II/Apple II+ on an 8-bit
> ISA plug in
> board. I don't know how compatible it is with today's PC
> equipment. Anyway,
> the point of this is: Does anyone want this? Contact me off
> list if so.
> Shipping would be from New Jersey, USA.
> I'm always looking for old Tandy items in trade too.
> Kelly
Man, sure seemed to be a lot of interest in this. Maybe I should have tried
EPay ;-)

Anyway, someone that has been helping me a lot with getting an old Quadra
running has asked for this. It is officially his. I guess I should have
asked him privately FIRST.

In the same lot is a bunch of other interesting stuff. I have to inventory
it yet, and see what is running, but I know of at least:
A 5155 (one of the luggables) with dual floppies,
an IBM PC reference set
A 5150 (with dual floppies and a 20M drive (with cassette port)),
lots of NIB software and docs.
A largish 8 bit memory expansion card.
A "turbo" XT Clone

Anyway, I'll be listing this stuff as available once I have inventoried it
and know what is running and what is not.

As for the Tandy stuff I collect: My main interest is in the old
II/12/16/6000 line running Xenix

Thanks for all the interest.

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