Kinetic's FastPath 4's

From: David Holland <>
Date: Sun Jan 9 14:07:11 2005

On Thu, 2005-01-06 at 17:36 -0500, Brad Parker wrote:


> I can't say what runs in a FP-4 vs a FP-5, sorry. You might start with
> the 8.1.1 on a FP-4.

Many thanks, I now have my little FP4 talking on the local LAN.


9.2 does NOT run on a FP4 w/ 4.x ROMS.

If you try hard enough /w Basilisk (Macintosh emulator), you can even
configure the thing under MacOS 7.5.3 emulated on Linux. (However, it
probably isn't worth the effort, unless you've no Macintosh's.)

thanks again all,


> Also, in case it's not obvious I'd use something like "unstuffit" to
> deal with the .sea.bin files.
> -brad
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