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From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Sun Jan 9 17:32:59 2005

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> On Sun, 2005-01-09 at 13:28 -0800, Tom Jennings wrote:
> > Windows is appropriate in places,
> Yeah, the trash can. :P

At the risk of being flamed to death, the NT-based versions (especially
Win2k) aren't too bad. Certainly loads better than the 9x series. Linux still
beats the crap out of it in terms of raw speed and usability on older
hardware, but W2K isn't too bad for general software development. I wouldn't
recommend putting a '2K box online unless it was behind a firewall
(preferably a NAT) and had all the security patches installed.

> I do not want to start a distro war. But I like the two deb-based
> distros Ubuntu and, well, Debian :)

I tried Debian for a good two months, then went back to Slackware.

> Kickass package management, you start with a base system and install
> what you need. (apt-get install x-window-system build-essential gnome
> openoffice-org gives you a good system) Ubuntu fits an entire desktop
> system, with automatic updates, on *one CD*. And GNOME runs *fast*
> nowadays. (though, not quite fast enough for me - a lot of my hardware
> is ontopic here.

My primary Linux dev system is a Panasonic CF-25 Toughbook - Pentium 133 CPU,
10" TFT (vibration-proofed), 3GB shock-mounted hard drive, 32MB RAM, CD and
FDD (either the FDD or CD can be installed, but you have to power down to
swap them). I put Win98SE on there too, primarily because 2k really doesn't
work well on a P133...

> I run Fluxbox, you should give it a spin.)

I might have to grab a copy of that to play with on my Toughbook.

> Absolutely. That's why I stay clear of them. But the one userfriendly
> distro I recommend and endorse is Ubuntu, a newcomer, but wow... It's
> beautiful both technically and visually. I suggest you give it a spoon.

I've got a 6GB hard drive on order for the Toughbook - I'll have to give
Ubuntu a shot when it arrives. After I've swapped the keyboard assembly over,
that is - a few of the key guides appear to have worn out (or been soaked in
cola) and now the keys are binding on the guides :-/

BTW, anyone got a spare 64MB 144-pin EDO SODIMM?

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