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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Jan 11 10:25:19 2005

>Roger Merchberger wrote:
>>As I have to, at both work and home. Work: Peachtree. Other than
>>that, I SSH into all of my linux servers. ;-) Home: MPEG
>>transcoding software from my TiVo to SVCD. Linux just doesn't have
>>the (inexpensive) software yet. Good stuff is $$$$$, free stuff
>>isn't worth dealing with.
>Are you on crack? Mencoder does the job admirably.
>Gordon JC Pearce

I've got to agree with Roger, the free encoders just aren't worth
messing with. The interesting thing is that $50 gets you TMPGEnc
Plus on Windows, which is one of the best encoders around. Given the
choice between that and the Compressor (Pro Apple software) on my G5
PowerMac, and I'll take TMPGEnc Plus, at least for VCD or SVCD. I
have used Compressor to do Anamorphic Widescreen home movies, and for
MPEG2, it is probably better.


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