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From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Tue Jan 11 13:08:56 2005


> Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
>>Roger Merchberger wrote:
>>>As I have to, at both work and home. Work: Peachtree. Other than that, I
>>>SSH into all of my linux servers. ;-) Home: MPEG transcoding software
>>>from my TiVo to SVCD. Linux just doesn't have the (inexpensive) software
>>>yet. Good stuff is $$$$$, free stuff isn't worth dealing with.
>>Are you on crack? Mencoder does the job admirably.

Having never even smoked pot, I *should* be offended by that... but I won't.

'Course, having been xcoding MPEGs from my TiVo for almost 4 years, and
having seen the output of Mencoder compared to TMPGEnc, I *should* be
offended by that...

As I do *many* shows (for my wife, mainly) I also rely heavily on AviSynth
-- a most excellent tool for assembling, resizing (it even supports Lanczos
resizing, and has plugins for *everything*), and scripting -- and as it's
all text, I have a custom GUI Python program for determining the commercial
breaks & final bandwidth to just fill an SVCD,

And is there a decent tool similar to VirtualDub that can help me *find*
the commercial breaks to cut them?

=== Just because your tool works good *for you* certainly does not mean
it's not suitable for me due to a drug habit.


and rumor has it that Zane H. Healy may have mentioned these words:

>I've got to agree with Roger, the free encoders just aren't worth messing
>with. The interesting thing is that $50 gets you TMPGEnc Plus on Windows,
>which is one of the best encoders around. Given the choice between that
>and the Compressor (Pro Apple software) on my G5 PowerMac, and I'll take
>TMPGEnc Plus, at least for VCD or SVCD. I have used Compressor to do
>Anamorphic Widescreen home movies, and for MPEG2, it is probably better.

SVCD is MPEG2 -- and I've put TMPGEnc head-to-head with Premiere 6.0, and I
saw little difference; certainly not to justify the difference in price.

Once I found and learned AviSynth, I'll put the combo of the 2 against
darned near anything for speed, ease of use and quality.

AviSynth is one of those tools that it takes a bit'o'learning to use, but
once you do, resizing, deinterlacing, decimating & whatnot are childs play.

Anyway, that's all I have to say. Thanks, Zane!
Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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