AIM65 with unknown second board

From: Degnan Co. <>
Date: Tue Jan 11 12:41:36 2005

Most often expansion boards that came from Rockwell are 6 1/4" x
4" and fit into the Rockwell AIM expansion chassis. I bet this
is a custom (?) XEROX prom monitor card adapted for the AIM 65.
The card would not fit in the Rockwell expansion chassis.

I have a lot of Rockwell hardware and documentation. If you send
me the part # of the board I can look it up to confirm.


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>Subject: AIM65 with unknown second board
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>We were given an AIM65 the other day (first time I've seen a real one)
>in a rather fetching custom blue case that has a carry handle on one
>edge. It was apparently used by Xerox for some for of magnetic media
>testing way back when; it still carries a Xerox asset tag on the back.
>Unfortunately in between the previous owner saying they wanted it when
>it was retired and them going to collect it, it got thrown into
a skip -
>so there's some damage to the case and the red display cover needs
>replacing. Luckily the electronics survived, apart from one broken
>Curious thing about the machine is that it has a second board mounted
>under the main board, containing quite a bit of circuitry. I was
>wondering whether this second board is something custom produced by
>Xerox (there are no marks indicating manufacturer) or whether it was an
>official off-the-shelf expansion board...
>Quick and dirty pics at:
>Wish I'd brought the machine home now, but I can get a list of the main
>ICs on that second board when I'm next at the musuem if needs be.
>Note that there seems to be no RAM on the AIM65 board itself, -
just ROM
>- but there are 16 4116 chips on the expansion board.
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