AIM65 with unknown second board

From: Degnan Co. <>
Date: Tue Jan 11 13:17:11 2005


Update to my previous reply: The board found on http://www.moosenet. could be a Memory-Mate

>From Electronic Design magazine November 1981:
"..these fit underneith the AIM-65 to privide 16 to 48 kbytes of
RAM expansion, four programable I/O ports, timers and counters, and
PROM sockets. The board interfaces with the Rockwell computer's
expansion connector. Another card, called the STD-Mate, connects
to the Memory-Mate to link the system with an STD-bus motherboard
and card cage, thus permitting STD-bus systems to be developed using
the examine, alter, simple step, trace, breakpoint, and other features
of the AIM-65."
Bill Degnan
Wilmington, Delaware
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