How the Mac was born... supposedly...

From: Jim Leonard <>
Date: Thu Jan 13 16:51:08 2005

Tom Jennings wrote:
> This is bordering on religion, I don't care enough about the
> religious aspects to argue it. My experience was, all of the
> smallish end sites, and tiny, small and medium ISPs, developers,
> etc all ran unix or KA9Q on DOS. San Francisco and Silicon Valley,
> 1992 - 1996. Never ran across a linux during that time, and I used
> to work on a lot of systems, travelled to the Least Coast to talk
> with other little ISPs, I don't remember a single linux system in
> use.
> Again, it's not a criticism, it's only timing.

I have to concur; my friend and I were thinking of creating our own ISP
business back in 1993, and our best prospect for a system was an old Harris box
running a proprietary Unix (which we were overjoyed to inherit!). I didn't
install Linux *at all* until 1994, with an early Slackware distro with kernel
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