How the Mac was born... supposedly...

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Thu Jan 13 15:38:38 2005

> Are you saying that Linux wasn't around in 1994?

I know it *existed* then, and for a couple of years. I don't recall
it being a player though, like the little unixes were. Once they
were ported you got the whole thing.

> That's another part of the point: Linux was free.

So were the unixes. It's the same as today; download for free, buy
a distro copy and buy support. BSD/I we paid for when we went pro,
and could bug them for fixes, etc.

This is bordering on religion, I don't care enough about the
religious aspects to argue it. My experience was, all of the
smallish end sites, and tiny, small and medium ISPs, developers,
etc all ran unix or KA9Q on DOS. San Francisco and Silicon Valley,
1992 - 1996. Never ran across a linux during that time, and I used
to work on a lot of systems, travelled to the Least Coast to talk
with other little ISPs, I don't remember a single linux system in

Again, it's not a criticism, it's only timing.
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