Any one remember...?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Jan 13 19:01:59 2005

> All this talk of TRS-80's on the list (Those two S-100
> Systems sound COOL!!!), prompts me to ask if anyone
> remembers a garage project called "The Trash
> Compactor".
> Basically, some guy (a REALLY SMART guy!)
> reimplemented the entire Model III logic Board on a
> board that would fit inside a Model I case.

No, but I did start to do something similar -- namely modify an M1 to run
M3 software. I got 48K on the M1 mainboard (a fairly easy mod, since 64K
DRAMs were available), I got M3 BASIC running from EPROM, and I was going
to wire-wrap the disk controller, clock interrupt, RS232 port, etc
circuitry (I didn't care about the extra characters on the display or the
1500 baud cassette interface).

I never finished it though ;-(. The reason was that in the middle of the
project I went to a radio rally, and a chap had a couple of real M3s for
sale. Of course I bought one. I still have it.

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