Any one remember...?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Jan 13 19:07:24 2005

> > This particular Model I has the Dennis Kitsz LowerCase
> > Mod from his book (very similar to the Electric Pencil
> > Mod), Dennis's High Speed Upgrade (4mhz if I remember
> > correctly) with a special circuit that slows down the
> > Mod for Cassette or Disk Access (along with a
> > Tri-Color LED that goes Red for normal, Green for High
> > Speed, and Orange for Auto Switch).
> >
> > We also built in an Audio Amplifier, Composite Video
> > Out (for an Amber Monitor OR a TV through an RF
> > Modulator), AND an Alpha Joystick Connector one can
> > attach ANY Atari-Style Joystick to.
> >
> > I miss those days...

There's nothing to stop you doing this sort of thing these days!. There
are plenty of suitable machines around, you can still get most of the
components, or suitable substitutes, etc. I certainly still make add-ons
for my classic computers.

> I find that some of the old games on the TRS-80 are more fun
> than games I see on today's consoles and PCs. There was more
> emphasis on gameplay back then.

Amen to that!. Some of the most fun games I've found are those in the
HP67 Games Pac (this is a programmable calculator with 224 program steps,
a numeric-only display, etc). I am sorry but the modern PC games are just
not interestign to me _at all_.

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