Data recovery on Toshiba T3100 laptop

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sat Jan 15 05:42:55 2005

On Jan 15 2005, 0:04, Tom Jennings wrote:
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Where did that come from? :-)

> I assume this thing runs Windows? Any idea what version?

It could easily be DOS. Frameworks was a DOS office applications
suite. IIRC it included a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a basic
database. Borland bought out Ashton Tate but they kept Frameworks as a
DOS suite.

I think Frameworks is still around, and it should run under windows, so
if Tore can get the files off the machine they should be usable. Ah
yes, I've just found (they seem to have dropped the
"s"). Tore, I think you should ask around and see if anyone has an old
copy you could borrow.

> ??? isn't this an LCD laptop? I can't imagine the interface
> to the screen is anything but proprietary.

A lot of older Toshibas are plasma displays. Tore said this one is
plasma, so it must be fairly old and probably runs DOS or Windows 3.1.

I agree, Kermit might not be a bad way to get the files off. The .exe
file from MS-Kermit will easily fit on a 720K floppy, and version 3.15
will also run under Win95 (and probably XP, I can't remember if I tried
that last time I used it because I upgraded the old bench PC to Linux
after a few days). You can get it from

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