The Little Garden / TLGnet Inc.

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Sat Jan 15 05:59:23 2005

"Dwight K. Elvey" wrote:
> Some how, I am missing the context of the "The Little Garden / TLGnet Inc."
>messages. What the heck is all this about?

"The Little Garden" was one of the first (perhaps the first) "co-op"
ISP's. The were certainly a trailblazer.

It was formed by a bunch of people who desperately wanted internet
connectivity, before such thing was widely available.

At that time there were not a lot of rules and certainly no books or
papers on the subject. You could count the people who really knew what
was going on two hands and you could find them all at any IETF meeting.

It wasn't even clear for a long time if commercial internet
(i.e. selling bandwidth) was allowed. And owning things, like network
numbers or domain names wasn't even a concideration.

needless to say all that got sorted out but in the early days there was
just a lot of prairie grass and few guys on horseback.

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