Convex Meta Series Cabinet

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Sat Jan 15 13:00:09 2005

I got in a Convex Meta Series 19" cabinet. It's in terrific condition and
has a cool black and metallic silver color scheme. Unfortunately, the
rest of the Convex has been gutted :( And not by me, BTW.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem terribly useful as a generic cabinet for
non-Convex stuff. It doesn't have standard rails for mounting your basic
rackmount type gear. It has a power supply at the base that used to power
the Convex, and also has four power strips lining the back side. A very
nice cabinet, but of limited use unless you're a Convex junkie.

So if anyone wants it, it's yours. Because of its weight, I doubt you'd
want to ship it, in case you're really after one for some ridiculous
reason. If you do want me to ship it, e-mail me privately and we'll

Otherwise, any local takers come and get it. If it isn't gone by next
week, off to the scrapyard :(

Photo available upon request.

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