Good deal on DEC VT520 terminals

From: Lyle Bickley <>
Date: Sat Jan 15 13:15:57 2005


Hold a couple of "good ones" for me and I'll pick them up on my next trip to
Sonora in a week or so.


On Saturday 15 January 2005 10:56, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> I've got a surplus of these DEC VT520 terminals that I'd like to clear out
> of here so I'm proposing what I think is a good deal. Normally I sell
> them for $25 each but I'll offer TWO for the low low price of only $35
> plus shipping. Since the keyboard for these things is about 2.5 times the
> width of the terminal itself, and because the terminals don't weigh that
> much, shipping will not be too much more than shipping for just one. So
> you actually get a pretty good deal here. But you have to buy two ;)
> For more information on the DEC VT520, check out my VCM listing:
> If you're interested, let me know and I'll setup the listing on the VCM so
> you can go nab it. I'll create the listings on an as-requested basis to
> save myself time.

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