Data recovery on Toshiba T3100 laptop

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Date: Sat Jan 15 10:46:25 2005

> On Sat, 2005-01-15 at 21:49 +1000, Dr. Ido wrote:
> > Did you try connecting an external monitor? I'm pretty sure they have a
> > CGA video output. Otherwise, from memory the same display panel was used


Correct. This is CGA output. Monitors now don't support CGA due to
timings and pin layout is totally different. Get another working
T3100 or find a working CGA monitor which is awfully hard to find.
But easier to find another T3100 even it has bad HD too. ask around.

I had no problem disassembling their older T3100 laptops. Key is to
remember to remove first four screws (bottom) that holds keyboard at
front edge and tilt keyboard up and out, carefully disconnect couple
delicate ribbon cables, then rest of disassembly is easy.

The specs is 286 12mhz, 1MB. Either 10MB or 20MB HD, usually have
1.44MB if your has "e" Very few got extra memory added.

1. Nobody runs any favor of windows even 3.11 on this limited
resources like T3100 so don't quip up about windows. It is DOS

2. Winders between even old 95 and 3.11 is totally different that
getting both connected by network (ethernet) is a challege on 3.11
because you have to install and manually write up a script to run the
ethernet stuff before starting 3.11. This is why I said laplink or
microsoft's data transfer utility (found on dos starting from 6.x).

3. Data recovery means you do NOT write anything to the HD which
means you must find another machine that works and move the HD to
working one or have someone repair that notebook first.
Then run laplink 5.x off the floppy only on both machines with data
transfer parallel cable connected to both machines and suck the data
to good machine even pentium machine will do.

4. Used pentium notebooks is plenty and parts easy to get from ebay.
I particularly like solo 2300 series and inexpensive.

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